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Borhole seismic Services

Aloss Oilfield services recently has joint venture with Paulsson Geophysical services to introduce new and efficient technology in Reservoirs characterization and Imaging to Improve production in the developed Oil field in Yemen and also to do basement mapping


Borehole Receiver Technology

P/GSI currently operates six proprietary 80-level 3C clamped receiver arrays using 12,000 – 15,000 ft (3658-4572 m) cables that are manufactured for the Company using Company designs. An array consists of 80 of these receivers spaced 50 ft (15.2 m) apart when they are deployed in a well bore.  The Company believes that this receiver array is the most advanced receiver array of its kind in the world.  The Company’s 80-level arrays can be deployed in different wells at one site or different sites or combined onto a single array to create a single 400-level array deployed into one well bore.  This gives the Company significant flexibility how to deploy and distribute its receiver arrays.  The 80 – 400-level arrays provide for a significant increase in levels resulting in substantially better images and resolution.  The Company has recorded the largest on shore and offshore 3D VSP surveys in the world.


Each receiver array has its own rig, which is comprised of the array and related field electronics, 10,000 – 15,000 feet of cable, housed in its own field container (field unit) containing draw works, surface power, control electronics and a central recording and field processing unit. 

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