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Procurement & Supply

Aloss  provides professional supply services from the local market or out of the country as we have contacts and strong business relations with large number of stockiest and manufacturers in Arabian Gulf(Saudi, U.A.E, Oman…etc), Europe, U.S.A , Far east.

The Procurement function is driven by the objective of procuring materials and equipment in time from the best possible sources according to the specifications and requirements. We strive to buy cost-effectively and ensure deliveries to meet project schedules without compromising on quality.

The basic elements include:

       A team of trained procurement experts who are constantly seeking best sources.

       A comprehensive data bank of suppliers and vendors available online for internal users.

       A central IT based expert system which integrates various stores, procurement and finance.

       Pre-qualification of vendors and review evaluations on regular basis.

       All import/export and customs clearance activities and guidance to customers for specific shipments.

       Documentation for opening LC’s and remittances.

We are able to supply pipes and
tubulars to all international Standards such as ASTM, ASME, API, EN
and DIN. Please find below an overview of materials that can be sup-
plied in ASTM grades (for reference only).
Equivalent DIN and other international grades can also be supplied. 

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